The POP-EXPOSE: Spider-Man and The Flash A Parallel!

The_POP_EXPOSE_Spider-Man _and_The _Flash _A _Parallel

If you are an avid reader of comic books you probably know that between the two main universes, DC and Marvel, there are a lot of talent crossovers. Be it Artists, Writers or Editors, many people have worked for both sides of the fence. With that said, there are many parallels that can be drawn between some of the most iconic characters in both universes. Today we are going to take a look the interesting parallels between Spider-Man who is virtually the face ofMarvel Comics, and The Flash, the man of speed who is a member of DC Comics Justice League.

I am sure the first thing most of you are saying is, wait a minute, wouldn’t there be more in common between Marvel’s Quicksilver and The Flash, than there are between Spider-Man and The Flash? I would say, after you see what the points we look at you might just change your mind on that.

Let’s start with a little comic book biographical history. First we know that Peter Parker, a spindly braniac teen had his life turned upside down when he was bitten accidentally by a radioactive spider. Peter Parker gained something from that spider bite that comic book writers to this day are still trying to define. That is ‘The Proportional Strength of a spider’. What we know is that this power gives him the ability to climb walls, buildings, and other tall edifices. It also gives him super human agility, which regularly gives him the ability to dodge bullets. He has an enhanced sense of danger surrounding him what we know as his ‘spider-sense’. Not only is Peter Parker Super Powered, he is also super conflicted. This conflict comes from the tragic murder of his Uncle Ben and Peter’s inability to be at the scene in time to prevent the tragic murder from occurring. The conflict within Peter from this incident affects every decision that he makes as Spider-Man, and the fact that he is driven by fear to prevent a tragedy like this from happening to someone else that Peter Loves.

Fast forward, to our other super hero from another Universe, one Barry Allen. Barry Allen in the modern DC Universe is a spindly braniac young adult who is a brainy type. He works as a forensic analyst for the Central City Police Department. Barry Allen received super human speed and agility, and the ability to time travel by being accidentally exposed to a lightning strike during a random event when the ‘particle accelerator’ an invention of the legendary ‘Star Labs’ exploded. What we know about Barry Allen in the flip side of this is, his mother was killed by a villain known as ‘Reverse Flash’ while Barry was present. Like Peter Parker, there was nothing Barry Allen could do to prevent this from happening. Barry’s father was accused of the murder and sent to prison. Barry spends his days trying to prove that his father did not kill his mother, so that his father can be free from prison. Barry is tormented by the fact that with all of his super powers he could not save his mother’s life.

The Parallels between Spider-Man and The Flash are many. But one thing that stands out is how they both had their innocence crushed by tragedies that were out of their control. Both of them did not move beyond the tragedy, but the tragedy defines how they act and react in their daily lives. Even with all of their super power, life knocks them both down, not of their own personal decisions, but in spite of them. But, they both use their personal pain as a fire to give to others, to help others selflessly with rarely any reward. The definition of a hero, someone who In spite of their personal pain, rises up and puts themselves on the back burner to help another.

Wouldn’t it be a much better world, if people stopped looking at themselves, stopped being concerned with me, and started thinking, how I can prevent someone else from having to go through what I am going through? How can I make someone else’s life better? How can I use my personal experiences to make the world a better place for others? Rather than how most of us live our lives focusing on, what I can buy next, how little work can I get away with and not get fired, when can I get the next woman, drug, alcoholic beverage and tune out and make myself feel better. It is something that both Spider-Manand The Flash draw us to think about if you really stop and think about it.


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