THE POP EXPOSE ‘Star Wars Death Troopers’ By Mitchell Smith!

Star Wars (Rogue One) Death Troopers

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, there was a Stormtrooper decked out in all white, and they were the coolest trooper around at the time. I am a die hard classic Star Wars fan but the modern day Star Wars is growing on me. As far as action figures go the Rogue One Death Trooper is really pretty cool and a little more sleek and stealthy looking than the original Stormtrooper. I found some 12 inch Elite figures on clearance last year at the Disney Store that were really cool, but most recently I picked up a couple 6 inch figures mainly because they were on sale and I couldn’t find any classic style Storm Troopers. 

I compared the 6 inch classic style Stormtrooper to the Death trooper, and the Death Trooper doesn’t seem to have the clunky armor that the StormTrooper has, so being a little slimmer and more compact should give a little more mobility especially when these guys are in battle. Both the 12 and 6 inch figure came with a pistol and a rifle which is nice. 

I love the classic style blaster that Han used to fry the computer system in 1977 and Leia blasted a hole to the trash compactor to make a break from the prison hold on the Death Star, but both weapons that came with the Death Trooper were nice and I like them too. First was a nice sized rifle that could be easily carried and wasn’t over sized as well as a pistol that can be stowed away on a loop holster and carried on the hip. The vintage Star Wars Trooper will always be my favorite, but the Death Trooper packs a punch with a nice look that should not be overlooked. These are a nice addition if you’re a collector and you can find these at FiveBelow right now if you didn’t get them when they hit stores originally.

What are your thoughts on the Rogue One Death Trooper? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP!

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