THE POP EXPOSE ‘Star Wars Ewok Village’ By Mitchell Smith!

Hello gang, it’s time for our last pop-expose for the month of June. Star Wars has put out a ton of great vehicles and playsets over the years. I had very few as a kid and still own very few vintage vehicles and play sets. One that I did have as a kid was the Ewok Village. This mold was used later for the Robin Hood Sherwood forest and had some added treetops on it, but as a kid this was an awesome play set. I did not have many Star Wars figures as a kid I think I had 1 Ewok, ROTJ Luke, and Prune Face.

This was still pretty awesome and had tons of play value as a kid. There were several features from the movie such as the net they captured Han, Chewy, and the gang in the woods, The throne build for C3PO, and an elevator to get up to the top of the trees. As a collector this probably is not one of the best play sets Star Wars put out, but looking back as a kid this thing was petty awesome and I’m sure I used my Joes and maybe some A-Team figures to create many adventures atop the Ewok trees.

This is probably not at the top of most people’s list, but this one was the only Star Wars playset I had as a kid so it has a sentimental value to me. I still have 1 single tree from the play set. I’m hoping to one day find the rest of it buried in my childhood home or to find a decently priced one at a garage sale or something, till then I will use the single tree that I have left of the play set and be happy. Did you have the Ewok Village as a kid or an adult? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know!


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