Story By Mitchell Smith

Hello everyone. November is rolling and the holiday season is upon us. This is one of my favorite times of years. We already got our fix of pumpkin spice, dressing up and horror movies, but there is one little gem of a movie that is so bad it’s great the 2008 comic horror ThanksKilling.

This is not one for the kids but it is by far the greatest low budget holiday horror flick of all time. The main character is a killer turkey named Turkie. It’s not a real turkey though it’s a puppet. The rest of the cast is just a bunch of dumb kids who are traveling home for the holiday and end up getting stalked by the turkey. The movie has a bunch of humor and some great one liners.

They did make a couple more movies but I think the first one just has that “what the hell am I watching” factor and it keeps you sucked into the end. Over all this is one movie that everyone should try to catch if you have not. It has become an every year event for me and it never gets old for me. Make sure to check it out if you have never watched it especially if you love horror movies. Have an awesome week everyone.


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