THE POP EXPOSE ‘Thanos vs Vader’ by Mitchell Smith!


I’m Just curious who would win this fight? Thanos, one of the most powerful beings in the universe against Vader, also one of the most feared and powerful beings in the universe. Is Thanos any match for the force though??? Maybe each character is in a different universe, but I want to break down the 2 franchises and see where each character stands in our world. Darth Vader made is big screen depute in 1977. In the opening scene of Star Wars, Vader made an instant impression on the world and on the Star Wars franchise. He was at his dwarf stage and it was a character that had lots of time and effort put into him to create the most ruthless villain in the universe. Vader would return for 2 more movies before his mask was removed and he became a force spirit. 

Vader would return in 1999 as a young slave boy and we got to see Anakin Skywalker grow up and transform into Darth Vader. We got to see him go Ballistic in Rogue One and on top of movies we saw Vader in Rebels, video games such as The Force Unleashed, Battlefront, and Lego Star Wars. I personally own several Darth Vader figures and made a full Vader costume which I need to get one of the new Vader helmets to upgrade the one I have right now. I drink out of my Darth Vader mug every day at work and I’m sure there are a number of fans alike who eat or drink out of Darth Vader dishes every day. Oh doesn’t he have a toaster too? Thanos first appeared in the Marvel comic The invincible Iron Man in February 1973. 

Thanos has most recently appeared in the Avengers Infinity War, where he has slid into the spotlight. It was a brilliant showing for him and I think everyone fell in love with this super villain. There are a few figures of Thanos most recent is the 7 inch build a figure which Iron Spider became very popular in my area and I ended up with a Thanos with 2 right feet. They did release a gauntlet and figures with the stones to add to the gauntlet, other than that nothing on a 1:1 scale that I know of yet, maybe in October. Not sure that would scare the Codpiece off Vader but I don’t see Thanos edging out Vader in that department. So from my point of view Vader has the Edge, even though Thanos has terrorized the universe far longer than Darth Vader, but Vader is much more prominent in today’s society. Everyone knows who Vader is. Thanos not that much so, although the next several decades could see a fade out of Darth Vader and a popularity spike for Thanos. We shall see. 

So as it stands right now I would have to say Vader is still going to kick some Thanos butt, but I wouldn’t expect them to hold hands watching the sunset, after all Thanos wanted to enrich the universe by killing half of it, yes, but his intentions were to make it more prosperous, Vader just wanted to take over the universe even if he had to kill and destroy everything in his path. So yes Vader you still are just a bad ass villain. Eat your heart out Thanos it may take you another 40 years to overcome this beloved super villain Darth Vader that our world has grown to hate or adore. Long live Darth Vader. P.S. Still love ya Thanos, you are awesome.

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