The POP-EXPOSE ‘The 12″ Action Figure’ by Mitchell Smith’!

The 12 inch G.I. Joe was created in 1963 and marketed first in 1964 to compete with the success of Barbie. G.I. Joe was aimed at boys and represented the military and later on went to a more non military figure to aim at promoting peace but adventurous, so they would not be boring. Over the years the 12 inch figure has stayed strong in other lines as well as G.I. Joe. Other lines include Star Wars, Marvel, and WWE. There is still a strong hold with Military, police, and Fire, but there is a relatively small market for the 12 inch figures . Monkey Depot is the main spot I know of that supplies 12 inch figures of a high quality. They carry figures of high quality articulation, clothes, accessories, and vehicles. Although the 12 inch figures may cause some conflict with room and with price, the articulation, features, and accessories make these stand out above many of the smaller lines such as 6 and 3 inch figures. I have a very fond memory of going to my grandparents house as a kid and they had roughly 10 of the original 12 inch G.I. Joe’s.

They also had 2 jeeps, so a lot of my Saturdays were filled gearing up the Joes and piling them in the jeeps and heading out on a mission, to where I don’t really recall, but I don’t think I ever made it to far other then from the kitchen to the living room. I still do like the 12 inch figures, but room does become an issue. I have a hand full of 12 inch Joes plus a few others. One of the highest quality figures I have is a Captain Miller from Saving Private Ryan. It really does resemble one of my all time favorite actors. There is a nice line of WWII figures in the 12 inch style. The gear and weapons are spot on miniatures to recreate battles your grandfather may have been part of such as the Battle of the Bulge, Battle of Iwo Jima, or The Dieppe Raid.
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Most figures these days in the retail end of things have reverted to a simple straight arm and leg figure, but never the less, they still are putting out 12 inch figures. Sites like Monkey Depot are where you need to visit if you want highly articulated figures, but they are not cheap so choose wisely. All in all the 12 inch figure will always hold a special place in my heart, and I hope they can survive the stains of time. 

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