THE POP EXPOSE – ‘The A-Team’ By Mitchell Smith!

Hello everyone. I had a chance to relax this weekend and sat back with a few episodes of the classic 80s TV series The A-Team. I grew up watching this show and sometimes I wonder were the shows that good back then or did we just not have anything else to watch? This is a great show and it has been many years since I watched it, so to answer my own question yes the shows were that good.

I watched “Where is the Monster When You Need Him?”, a classic episode when Hannibal dresses up in a sea monster outfit, “Body Slam” when BA and the gang help out Hulk Hogan which also was the hey day of professional wrestling, and “Lease With an Option to Die”, where BA’s mother is being harassed to move out of their apartment building so a hotel can be built. This show is very entertaining and the cast was always top notch. Hannibal, BA, Murdock, and Face where a great team and I will definitely be watching more episodes of this great 80s TV show. I may also do single stories on the 4 main characters as they all have very interesting careers and this one popular show will solidify the 4 as one of the greatest teams in TV history. Have a great week everyone.


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