THE POP EXPOSE – ‘The Beach Boys are Still Surfing’ Story by Mitchell Smith!

Hello everyone. Today I’m checking out a group that stormed the beaches in 1961 and never looked back. The Beach Boys are a unique band from California that hit it big with hits like Surfin’ USA, Wouldn’t it be Nice, and Good Vibrations. They took the world by Storm with their surfer, feel good music. I recently picked up a greatest hits CD with 30 hits for $7.99. Something many kids these days do not do, but the album comes with a sleeve of pics of The Beach Boys and some classic surf boards.

I always wanted to get a slab of wood and make a classic 60s surf board. Then again I would have to learn how to surf. I have snow boarded and boogie boarded but surfing is a whole different ball game that would be really cool to learn. Any hoot, there is a Netflix documentary called “Echo in the Canyon”, that talks about the mid sixties in Southern California and among The Beach Boys there are several bands that worked together and fed off each other such as The Byrds, The Mommas and the Poppas, and Neil Young.

This is a great film and really shows the close knit community of the time. Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys still tour today and are frequent visitors to Syracuse. I did get to see them back around 2001 at the state fair and they sounded good as ever. They are just one of those bands that I’m pretty much sure everyone knows at least one of their songs but I’m sure they know a lot more and in my car a sing along like I’m one of the band members.


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