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The Boss

Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen was born on September 23rd 1949 in Long Branch, NJ. Coined The Boss, Springsteen has had a very successful career and his voice is unmistakable and unduplicated in his 40+ years of performing. Bruce took up an interest in music at a young age influenced by Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. Springsteen’s early career started out by writing songs and other bands performed them such as “Blinded by the Light” which hit #1 with Manfred Mann, “Fire” which hit #2 with the Pointer Sisters, and “Because the Night” which hit #13 sung by Patti Smith. In 1975 Bruce and the E Street Band released “Born to Run”, which is one of their most successful albums and the songs from the Album still get a lot of Air time still today. Bruce has stayed popular over the years. His music has stayed strong and he still tours today.

Bruce has had a remarkable career, a handful of songs that filled the radio in my youth include “Tunnel of Love”, “Streets of Philadelphia”, and of course “Born in the USA”. Recently I found a live show from London 1975. What a performance, he tells such a story when he sings it is just awesome. This has been slid into my rotating albums that I listen to on a consistent basis, also this is one that I run to, it’s so motivating listening to the raw power of his voice.

One of my other all time favorite songs is “We Are the Children”, and when Bruce joins in I get chills every time listening to him. My boss got a chance to see Springsteen play live at Niagara University, under a packed stage of 200 college students, which the small venue was something a lot of performers would play from that time frame. Luck would have it Bruce and a couple band members ended up at house 6 on campus and my boss was partying with The Boss, that was just before he hit it big though. So if you get a chance to get Springsteen tickets he still doesn’t disappoint, so grab them and go see him before it’s to late.


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