THE POP EXPOSE ‘The Fans’ by Mitchell Smith!

The past year has been challenging to say the least. Our lives have been turned upside down from top to bottom. The sports world took a huge hit as events were cancelled. It was a strange time not filling out an NCAA Basketball bracket as our country began to shut down. Slowly we were able to get things going again but with no fans in the stands. Many sports were very strange with no fans in the stands but there was some crowd noise piped in to make it feel more normal.

Some may have turned to other forms of entertainment but for me I love watching sports such as football and hockey. The fans are a major part of the game and this was a year where the crowd noise did not factor into the outcome of some games. The NFL has aloud some fans during the playoffs to keep that home field advantage a thing. Things were dull there for a while and I think when there is a huge play and the camera turns to the seats to see cheering fans jumping and cheering their team on, it just brings a whole lot of joy to those watching from home.

I love watching how the teams and the fans fuel each other and I’m happy that we are able to have that in this years NFL playoffs. Hopefully this will grow quickly and we will be back to normal soon. I can’t wait to go catch a live game again or a live concert or play or movie in the theater. I think everyone will agree how important the fans are to any sport from little league to the big league. Here’s to getting back to normal and getting to enjoy your favorite pass time what ever it may be. Join in the conversation AFTER THE JUMP!

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