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When The Lord of the Rings hit theaters back in 2001 I was not a fan yet. I remember seeing the trailer for the movie and I had know Idea about the books or the story at the time. I remember thinking to myself that looks good. In 2003 when The Return of the King hit theaters I was a fan. I had watched the first 2 movies on DVD, and ROTK was the only one I saw at theaters. I’m not sure how I had never heard of LOTR before this point, because I was an instant huge fan.

I went out and got the books and read all of them a few times through now. I bought the extended version DVD boxset and have watched it several times all the way through. I also have a great deal of the 6 inch figures. These were very well done I thought. As a kid or a collector, very cool if anyone has any of these figures. It is my 3rd largest collection outside of Joes and Star Wars. Peter Jackson did an awesome job bringing Tolkien’s work to life.

A lifetime of work building an elaborate Middle Earth and I believe Tolkien said that his book would never be able to be made into a movie. Well it happened and stormed the world with Academy Awards, merchandise, films and today I don’t think there are very many people who don’t at least know something about The Lord of the Rings. I have not seen all 3 Hobbit movies yet so, I’m hoping for the extended box set this year. I wish the 3 ¾ inch hobbit would have been a little more successful, because the LOTR characters would have been cool in the scale. So anyhow it is coming to that time of the year where I may have some free time to watch the trilogy. So here’s to Tolkien the creator and Jackson the enhancer.

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