THE POP EXPOSE ‘The NHL Playoffs’ by Mitchell Smith!

NHL Playoffs are in full swing and this year is proving to be a very exciting year for hockey fans. I love watching many different sports, and playoff/championship time is always fun to watch for me in any sport, but NHL Playoffs are one of my favorite sport with some of the toughest men on the planet. What other sport do you see someone take a slap shot to the face, go out, get stitched up on the sideline, and come back in to score a game winning goal. Hockey in the 90’s was great, I became a Pittsburgh fan growing up watching Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Paul Coffey, and of course the faithful goalie Tom Barrasso. The nineties produced a ton of great players, such as Habs goalie Patrick Roy, Devils goalie Martin Brodeur, and all time great Sabers goalie Dominik Hasek. 

The 90’s still had some greats still skating from the 80’s who’s careers flourished in the 90s such as Wayne Gretzky and Brett Hull son of Hockey legend Bobby Hull. What I love about the NHL is the game has stayed pretty much the same. So many major sports have changed so much over the years and there’s always those big debates could the 2017 Warriors beat the 1995 Bulls, could the 2007 Patriots beat the 1985 Bears, or could the 1994 Braves beat the 1927 Yankees. Hockey though, is just full of tough talent and a modern team would probably have to hold their own with these old timers from the past. 

Hockey is still high flying, big hitting, fist fighting, and really one of the most exciting sports to watch. There is a great rivalry between Pittsburgh and Washington and 2 of the best going toe to toe Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin, and an amazing run going from the expansion team Las Vegas, who has Pitts old goalie from last year Marc-Andre Fleury, so that would be a cool matchup if they made the finals. So sit back and enjoy the awesome play this year.

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