The POP-EXPOSE ‘The Other Guys or THE CORPS’!

Story By Mitchell Smith

Back in the 1980’s, in the hey day of 3.5 inch action figures, both G.I.Joe and Star Wars, a smaller toy company named Lanard came along with what a lot of kids referred too as ‘knock off joes’. This line of action figures were called, ‘The CORPS‘. You could pick up these guys at your local Walmart, and back in the day, they were around the same price as G.I.Joe Figures.

Fast forward to the early 2000’s Hasbro brings back G.I.Joe with a new sculpting style, and doubles the price of their figures. But once again there was, ‘The CORPS‘, only this time they were not just ‘knock off’ figures, they were something that collectors of military action figures payed attention too, and they were half the price of the new G.I.JoeFigures, while have equal the number of points of articulation.

Fast forward too today. Collectors of 3.5 inch Military figures have a hard time finding anything to collect at their local retailers. Hasbro no longer bothers to distribute their G.I.Joe figures to local box retailers, and the price point for 2 G.I.Joe action figures has skyrocketed to nearly $15.

We as collectors finally have a solution to our dependency on Hasbro to provide us with military action figures to collect. And it has been right under our noses for a long time. The folks at Lanard are working to bring out some of the most articulated and highly detailed military figures they have ever made, matching what Hasbro has been doing with G.I.Joe. Only there is one catch. You can go to your local Walmart and pick up a single pack CORPS figure for $2 or a 3 pack of them for $6.50. Now if the folks at Lanard are going to be producing figures that are really detailed and comparable to G.I.Joe at less than half the price, shouldn’t we as collectors give them a second look. I know i certainly will be. Who knows, the popularity of Lanard’s product may grow to the point it will force Hasbro to change their business practices in regards to G.I.Joe Figures. But we will never know if we don’t at least attempt to give the competition a shot.

What is your opinion? Are you willing to give ‘The CORPS’ a shot? Sound off with your thoughts after the JUMP!


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