The POP-EXPOSE: ‘The Star Wars Original Trilogy Still #1’ By Mitchell Smith!

The original Star Wars is still the best trilogy!

Star Wars Episode 9 Closes out the story that was started 42 years ago. It was a dream Lucas had from early on in the trilogies, and perhaps he had the thought before he even was able to produce the original film in 1977. Not many people imagined this sci-fi film growing to the popularity as it has though. I waited 8 days to go see Episode IX because I was busy with Christmas stuff, but I went with a group of family to watch the final chapter. When I walked into the theater the first thing I noticed was a lot of older people. Then I thought to myself wait a minute I am one of the older people. I was a baby when the first film hit the big screen, so I grew up with Star Wars. I grew up watching them on the Movie Channel.

As a child the movies were fun to watch and the merchandise was pretty cool, especially the toys. I grew up with G.I. Joe as well, but the Star Wars toys were always so cool. I have always been interested in space travel and as cool as all the G.I. Joe vehicles were, Star Wars vehicles were just different, so it was easy for me to love both franchises. I had very few Star Wars toys as a kid but one set I did have was the Ewok village. That was one of the coolest playsets I have ever had. This got me thinking though of how many people have grown up with Star Wars and how many fans there are. Kids for sure and people in their 20’s and 30’s ideally grew up with Star Wars, maybe if they were not huge fans they were still buying merchandise for their children. So there are lots of older fans. Much like the last Avengers movie there is such a wide age range of fans, the movie should be breaking records because of the wide range of young and old fans.

There are billions of people who will probably go see the new movie or should go see it. So anyhow I watched the final movie, I thought it was great, this was a good blend between old and new characters, there were some funny parts, some sad parts, some awesome CGI that was awesome on the Imax screen. Except for that one scene (LOL) I thought everything else was masterfully done. This movie was closing up 42 years of a story about a handful of main characters. The franchise though is just getting going. Shows like the Mandalorian and the upcoming Obi Wan Kenobi are going to thrive and pave the way for spin off series. Before I went to watch The Rise of Skywalker, I watched a number of interviews from Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford. Hamill would be a real interesting person to hang out with. I feel like I could sit and listen to his stories for hours on end. He had such an admiration for everyone in the original trilogy especially Fisher.

I think the original cast was closer than that of the prequel or the final trilogy casts. I think the fans were much closer to the characters as well. Yes some of the battles are just remarkable with the modern technology, but this is why I love the original movies and cast more than the 6 movies that followed the originals. The original 1977 Star Wars was a gamble. Many people thought it was a dumb idea and would flop. George didn’t know, people who auditioned didn’t know, people backing the film didn’t know. People like Hamill fell in love with the script but that didn’t mean squat if they didn’t have the funding to make the movie. It was a struggle, a struggle that perhaps poured over into the movie and made it touch people, especially those of the 70s. A lot of common middle class people were struggling to some degree.

People worked hard and sometimes never got a big payoff for the hard work. Which I think was one of the main connections in the original trilogy. There wasn’t always payoffs and you often were set back but you kept going forward and kept fighting for brighter days. Back in 2013 I had this 1993 Mazda 626. It was a great car, still went like a champ, I used to call it the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. It was one of those cars that you weren’t quite sure it would start, or if it did start you weren’t quite sure everything would work properly. It was that connection though that I think Han and the Falcon had that connected with the world in the 70’s and 80’s especially. The Millennium Falcon was everyone’s old car that was reliable till it broke but you tinkered with it enough to get it going and kept on driving. The same thing with many of the other characters was similar to Han’s struggles. The daily struggle was real in the movies and it related to the fans. I’m not saying the new characters didn’t have a connection, but they pretty much knew the movies would be huge and there would be plenty of money to go around, there wasn’t that connection of uncertainty . For me I appreciated all 9 movies for what they are worth. It’s something that has spanned over 4 decades. That’s 41 Super Bowls, 10 summer Olympics, and 7 U.S. Presidents. That’s roughly 720 Billion quarts of popcorn eaten at the U.S. box offices, roughly 25, 500 movies released, and quadrillions of Star Wars merchandise released since the first movie hit theaters. As far as the modern trilogy goes I thought all 3 movies were very cool.

Had I not grown up in one of the best decades ever, this may very well have been my favorite of the trilogies. The return of Han Solo and Leia was awesome, Luke’s battle with Kylo Ren was epic, and the closing movie was brilliant after all the speculation of what should happen, I thought it was ended well. I loved the prequels as well, young Anakin, Ben, and all the other characters had some back story and brought the original characters even more to life. When Lucas was toward the brink of selling off his franchise to Disney there was a remarkable amount of highly detailed 3-3/4 inch figures. I’m not sure who had the call there Lucas or Hasbro, I always thought it was Lucas giving the fans some of the greatest figures we will ever see before he turned the franchise over. I’m not sure that we will ever see figures like that again, if we do they will be at an unreasonable price, so the lines will fail, that’s my opinion anyhow. I do look forward to seeing the classic original style figures slated to hit stores in 2020.

The original figures are pretty cool. They don’t have the points of articulation that modern figure have but especially for the 70’s and 80’s these were very cool, and set the precedence for future action figures across the board. Even figures such as G.I. Joe may not have been as awesome as they were without trying to compete with Star Wars figures. I remember one of my younger brothers had a lot of Star Wars figures. I’m not even sure why I was at his house but I remember he had a Millennium Falcon and a bunch of figures. Even as a teenager I though the original Yoda really stood out, it was just a beautiful looking figure. There were tons of other original figures that also were very cool, I wish I had all of them, but that’s a discussion for another day. The special effects in the original movies were also revolutionary. Obviously the technology is much better today but what that group of special effects people did was create everything. Everything we see in today’s movies stem from the awesome team Lucas built.

I would love to be able to watch the 3 original movies on the Imax screen. Hopefully someday they play them at my theater. All in all, the 3 trilogies are all awesome in my opinion. Lucas created something that will be around for many more years to come. The original movies and characters will always hold a special place in my heart, they are what I grew up with. I hope you all have a chance to go see the new movie it is definitely worth seeing, and definitely worth seeing at the Imax. Even though this portion of the franchise is over I think Star Wars is just getting rolling, and we may not get a Solo trilogy which I think would be awesome, but we may get some more spin off shows or at least get some younger characters and backstories on characters like Luke, Leia, and maybe even my 2 favorite villains, Evazan and Ponda Baba. Which Trilogy do you like best? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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