THE POP EXPOSE ‘Thriller VS. The Eagles Greatest Hits by Mitchell Smith!

Last week the Eagles greatest hits album took over the all time number one selling album as it knocked the long standing Thriller album off the top and arising a little controversy about a greatest hits album being allowed in the same category as a single album. I like the Eagles and I like Jackson, while both are not in my top 10 ten artists they both fall into my top 25. I want to break each album down and see where I stand on the debate. This is strictly sales of an album so I think you have to include greatest hits albums. Either way here are some of the hits that made these 2 albums popular.

Obviously Thriller was one of the King of Pops best songs, mainly because the era of Music Videos which made this song so much more popular in my opinion. Even as a 7 year old I knew who Michael Jackson was, and I remember the Billy Jean, Beat It, and Thriller videos. This was huge for Jackson and paved the way for future work and his popularity in the 80’s and 90’s. The Eagles sound has been around for decades. The classic rock group has tons of hits and their best of album is not disappointing. Packed with hits the Eagles had a huge reunion tour recently which may have spiked the sales of this album, the talented artists Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Glenn Frey, and Tim Schmit have all had great solo careers, so it is understandable how this album could be the all time selling album. As far as the issue of a greatest hits album being compared to a single album, I’m not sure you could separate them easily. 

One thing is for sure both should be held in high respect and who knows it might take Jackson’s album a few years but it still could surpass the Eagles to retake the top sales spot. So for now I don’t own either one of these albums and I probably won’t help either one jockey for the top spot, but both are great albums and both Jackson and the Eagles are staples in our society, so they are both winners in my book.

Which album do you like better? Sound off with your opinions AFTER THE JUMP!

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