THE POP EXPOSE ‘Time Warp To 1986’ By Mitchell Smith!

Time warp to 1986

1986 was quite a year. It started out with the Challenger exploding, which I happened to see live that day as I was home sick from school, gave us the Super Bowl Shuffle by the Chicago Bears, as they won Super Bowl XX, and which I feel put the NFL in the spotlight of pop culture. Halley’s Comet passed by Earth and was visible to the naked eye. 

The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame inducted its first 10 members, including Elvis, Chuck Berry, and Buddy Holly. Christie Brinkley and Elle Macpherson Emerged. One of my all time favorite movies was Top Gun and was the highest grossing movie of the year, (We used to make up top gun battles chasing each other around on 4wheelers.) I got a Nintendo which came out in 1985, but we had to rent one from our local grocery store. It wasn’t till 86 when we got one and played it for hours on end on a 10 inch black and white. 

Oh the good old days. The GI Joe lineup that year was awesome and I got a ton for Christmas. Dial-Tone, Dr Mindbender, and Cross Country were among my favorites from that year. I didn’t get the Night Raven which I wanted so badly that year, but nevertheless it was a great year for Joe’s among other toy lines. What are your favorite memories from 1986? Make the JUMP TO THE FORUM and let us know!

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