THE POP EXPOSE ‘TMNT – The Toys That Made Us’ By Mitchell Smith!

Growing up the TMNT was more about the cartoon then anything else for me. I have never owned any figures, comics, or anything else except for a $0.25 cup I bought on clearance a few years ago. I always enjoyed the cartoon and I have held off buying any figures. The figures have been pretty cool over the years, but I never knew the history behind the Turtles till I watched The Toys That Made Us over the weekend.

What a great story this is about 2 guys meeting and goofing around making each other laugh and viola, long story short a multi million dollar idea. I have always liked the TMNT, but I was really into G.I. Joe and I had no interest in the toy line at the time they hit shelves. I worked for a group home for a number of years and one of the guys loved TMNT, so I did have my fair share of Turtle hunting, and I guess in a way I lived vicariously through him, so I never got into collecting Turtles.

The figures are pretty badass and as they mention in the episode of The Toys That Made Us, the 4 turtles have been sold over and over in many different outfits, but the characters have never changed. So I think this is a great success story and for all the young people out there, if you have a passion and something that makes you happy, you never know, if the right person sees your idea and loves it, you might just be sitting on a million dollar idea.

Did you enjoy seeing the creators of the TMNT on ‘The Toys That Made Us’? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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