THE POP EXPOSE ‘Valentines’ by Mitchell Smith!

It’s that time of year again, a lot of people are looking for that special someone to be their Valentine. I recently had a chance to test out online dating looking for mine. My how times have changed in the past 20 years. I guess this is a good way to meet people. You take away some of the uncertainty of picking people up at a bar or in the workplace. At least you won’t get a drink tossed in your face or harassment charges for using corning pick up lines. If you’re looking for someone with similar interests, online dating can help narrow down likes and dislikes. I kind of felt like I was going to the butcher block a little though. You are really putting yourself out there. You are looking at profiles and your initial choice is solely based on what someone looks like, which I guess if you were in a bar looks would be the first attraction. 

Then you look at some likes and dislikes. Most of the girls put on their profile things like, like to laugh, like to have fun, no drama, love the outdoors, and friendly. Which I kind of chuckle at. I mean are people going to be honest and say things like, like to have a bad time, enjoy yelling at my significant other, love to be miserable, I’m just a plan old bitch. Nobody puts that, so I have to laugh a little of how people pitch themselves on these sites. You start to feel like you’re back in high school even though those days for me have long past and finding someone out there to conform to your way, your family, your lifestyle isn’t easy especially if you have been involved with one person for a significant amount of time. Don’t get scared off if you are thinking of trying online dating though, it’s not like the bar scene is a lot better and the church reading groups seems a bit odd when you toss out a little inconspicuous pick up nudge. 

Online is easy and convenient you chat it up a little with someone and maybe you hit it off and maybe you don’t, but you can walk away if you didn’t meet the person of your dreams and not feel that hard rejection if you meet them and they disappear into the bathroom and never come back out. This is not always the best way to meet new people but it is a great way to break the ice especially if your not outgoing. It can lead to new friendships and maybe more if you find the right person. I think for now I’ll stick with chatting and staying single, but don’t be afraid to put yourself out there if you’re single and looking for that special person, cupid will be lurking this week so keep your chins up and just enjoy life either way.

What do you have planned for Valentines day? Let us know after the JUMP!

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