THE POP EXPOSE ‘Who is the NBA’s GOAT’ By Mitchell Smith!

There have been several Super Stars and players who have been unmatched at their respective positions over the years. Many players come to mind when I think best at their position such as O’Neal, Abdul-Jabbar, and Iverson, but for 1 person to take over in the clutch and make every player around them better, and to consistently win games, championships, and fans over, only a few come to mind. Someone equally threatening on defense as they are on offence and equal on and off the court. I’m sure the few elite that come to mind as all time greats we think of Kobe, LeBron, and Jordan. Not to leave out players who built franchises and their respective era such as Magic and Bird, Chamberlain, Duncan, Olajuwan, Barkley, Durant, Curry, just to name a few. 

LeBron I think has stated he is the best all time player ever in the NBA, but Kobe and Jordan certainly hold a candle to his wind. I wasn’t much of a Kobe fan back in the day but then again I wasn’t a Jordan fan either. I’m not sure if it was my underdog optimistic point of view or if I just didn’t like how they made basketball look so easy. I played basketball in high school and I never scored a lot of points, but I always tried to improve my game and do what I could for a team win. I remember a game my senior year many moons ago, and me at 6’2” was the center in my league. I was covering the number one guy in our league and he was good. You could tell he just had that special god given talent and he had a couple inches on me, but I had 20 lbs or so on him. I couldn’t stop him straight up, so my game plan was push him out of the middle, keep the ball out of his hands and let my team try and win the game. He was the top scorer in the league averaging 27 pts per game and I kept him at bay with zero points. 

I don’t think I had a point that game either but shutting the number one guy down was a win in my book. Well my point is I always looked at the number one guy as one that played on both sides of the floor. I always thought Jordan was the best defender out of him, LeBron, and Kobe. So respectively for Jordan’s number 23, the circus shots, his defense, his memorable dunk competition against Dominique Wilkins, his battles against Barkley and the Suns, making moments that will never be forgotten such as when he went out and dropped 38 points with the flu, he may not have the most points or championships, his records will someday get broke, but overall Jordan impacted the NBA and the Chicago Bulls like few have. 

The one thing I loved about Jordan is he never thought he was the best. He went out every night and tried to improve, even if he was just competing to outscore his previous night he always was looking to improve himself. I think Kobe, LeBron, and many others rank right up there with Jordan, but Jordan still stands a hair above them all for his competitiveness and his overall presence on the court. I was a major impact on the NBA during his time and it hard to argue that he is not the best all time NBA player.

Who do you think is the greatest of all time? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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