THE POP EXPOSE ‘Who is Your Favorite G.I.Joe’ By Mitchell Smith!

Do you have a favorite G.I. Joe?

I was racking my brain the other day trying to figure out who my all time favorite Joe is. I grew up watching G.I. Joe and had a good number of figures but I never really had 1 favorite, I loved them all. So I’m trying to narrow down my top favorite all time Joes to just one. I’m going to factor in classic and modern figures, also 12 inch and Sigma six figures, and I will also use the cartoon and comics to narrow my list but keep in mind this is me trying to narrow down my favorite character. So I may have some underlying sentimental value to my top picks.

I’m going to start out with 2 of my favorite figures of all time. Tomax and Xamot have always been one of my favorites, not only were these two one of my favorite as a kid that gave me hours of adventures with the original figures, but they were really cool characters especially to a ten year old. They had a huge part in the cartoon and their original outfits were unique and really made them stand out. As they were packaged together and were able to feel each others actions through esp or something, I’m counting them as one and I’m sure if I love Tomax, Xamot will be able to feel the love. 

Next up is another one of my favorites ‘Rock n Roll‘. The golden haired surfer from Malibu was always a figure that stood out to me right from when I got him for Christmas in 1982. The machine gun and bandoliers made him look so bad ass. I also got his upgrade figure in 1989 this V2 figure was one awesome upgrade. He had many other cool upgrades over the years including a few nice 12 inch especially a really cool 12 inch figure in 2008. I spent a ton of time hunting down the 25th style figure in 2008. He was a big part of the cartoon and the comics and my childhood so he is one of my all time favorites. 

My next character was a figure I got for Christmas and I think my brother buried him in the backyard but I ended up with a second figure somehow, I’m not sure where. He was a huge character especially in Arise Serpentor Arise, none other than Dr. Mindbender. I loved Dr. Mindbender as a kid, he was just a cool looking figure especially with his cool cape. I loved him in the cartoon as well so he is definitely on top of my list. Next up is another great from the original 13. I got this vehicle for Christmas and just loved the vehicle and the look of the figure especially loved his visor. The character has been a staple throughout the franchise and has had many great updated figures including many 12 inch. I think my parents may have got his vehicle for me because it has my initials M.M.S, who would have known Hawk would have turned into such a great character and been so important to the franchise, and there I was a 7 year old boy helping start an epic run to the top. 

SGT. Slaughter dove head first into G.I. Joe, and was a perfect fit and an instant hit. He was a huge part of the 1997 G.I. Joe the movie. I did not have the original Slaughter as a kid but I did get the Warthog which was and still is just an awesome vehicle. Slaughter was already a star with the WWF and most kids around my age probably would have been watching the WWF and Slaughter would have already probably been one of their favorite characters. He also made a few appearances on the Super Mario Show, so he has to go down as one of my top Joes. 

Next up is one of those characters that I loved as a kid. Born from a lab under careful care of Dr. Mindbender and mixing the DNA of many of the worlds greatest leaders Serpentor was born. The concept of Serpentor intrigued me as a kid. Nobody really knew much about DNA and cloning at that point at least I didn’t as a kid. It wasn’t till a decade after that the first sheep was cloned. So the whole idea of collecting DNA from people centuries removed from this world was a really cool concept. I loved him in the cartoon, his outfit, his mannerism, just everything about him. I also received him as a Christmas gift and it was one of my favorites as a kid he looked awesome with his air skiff and green flowing cape. So Serpentor is one of my all time favs. 

Next up is another original 13 and one of the most popular all time characters, ‘Snake Eyes‘. He was a generic figure made to be cost effective, but sprang quickly into popularity, he is still one of the most mysterious and popular characters today. He has a very long back story both with G.I. Joe and with the Arashikage clan. I never had a Snake Eyes figure till the 1989 version. I’m not sure there is any other character that could rock so many different all black looks but there have been so many awesome figures over the years, I love the Sigma Six figures, version 54 the 2011 3-3/4 figure was completely awesome with the 82 and 85 style visor, this is one of my all time favorite figures for sure, and in the 12 inch style the 2008 v6 is as cool a 12 inch figure as you will get, but I also love the 1992 V1 figure. With so much meat the cartoon, comics, live action movies and so many figures it’s hard not to think of Snake as one of the all time greatest characters. 

My next character goes hand in hand with old Snake, of course Storm Shadow has a very large amount of back story, figures and has been a staple character in the cartoons and the movies. He and Snake Eyes have a long history and this has helped the franchise thrive over the years. Stormy always had a cool character in the cartoons, and much like Snake I never had a 1984 original Storm Shadow, my first one came in 1988 and I have always loved that version of Storm Shadow. I also love the 2008 V25 I just loved how the cape brought him so alive. I have a few 12 inch Stormy figures as well, the 1993 V1 is one of my favorites along with the 2008 V3 figure. Storm Shadow also had a couple nice Sigma 6 figures, so with everything he has meant to the G.I. Joe franchise its hard to leave him out. 

Next up is one of my personal all time favorites. He played a minor role in the cartoons, but his vehicle was one of the all time best mid-sized vehicles. I grew up in snow country so it was easy to fall in love with Frostbite. My brother got the Snow Cat for his birthday one year so I was able to play with it but it really wasn’t mine. This may be one of the only original vehicles with the box that I have today. Frosty has a few versions but the first figure was the best one. The figure, the suit, the gun, and especially the Snow Cat. So I can’t leave Frostbite out, he is just one of those characters that I loved right from the start and definitely has some person memories of my childhood. 

You can’t have a terrorist group without a babbling buffoon to lead your way to failure every mission. I sometimes felt sorry for Cobra Commander. His one goal in life was to take over the world but his plan always got foiled by some Joe team. He may have been a goof but he was always dressed for success. Right from the original mail away figure on up to the modern day, I loved Cobra Commanders outfits and figures. I have a few different 12 inch figures and there can’t be a better sport than Cobra Commander, he always was losing and coming back with something bigger and better to take over the world. Along with a couple 12 inch figures I have a have a ton of versions, I love the original 2 versions masked and hooded, along with the 1987 V3, but I have a ton of versions and love most of them. So needless to say Cobra Commander is one of my all time favorite characters. 

My next character was one that I did not have the figure as a kid. I did buy one later in my adult collecting years though. He was a staple character in the cartoons, and has had just 4 figures made all of which are very similar. This guy is ready to go into the most hazardous areas and clear the way for the rest of the Joes. This was always one of my favorites as a kid even though I never had the figure. I’m not sure why he was never incorporated into the Eco Warriors but that’s a different discussion. I’m actually thinking about making a custom 12 inch figure of him and that figure is, ‘Airtight‘. I think it would be really cool. So anyways Airtight is one awesome dude and one of my all time favorites. This leads me to my last character I’m going to talk about for now even though I can go on all night talking about my favorite characters. 

This one is one I never had as a kid, in fact he was a 90’s character that I didn’t really know about until my adult years when I got back into G.I. Joe. When I first saw him and started reading up on him, I was thinking this guy was kind of a comic version of Darth Vader. Overkill was one of those characters that stood out to me. The concept of a person being partially a robot has always been kind of cool to me. He was kind of a goofball in the cartoon and IDK he just made me laugh. The original figure had a cannon built into his chest and there is a really cool 12 inch version of him that was released in 2003, so I’m hoping to be able to come across this version one day. 

Well so now it’s down to deciding who my all time favorite is. I love G.I. Joe, I always have from the time I first started playing with them as a child. There is something about them that is very special to me. I still enjoy finding different Joes at flea markets and yard sales and it’s still fun setting up dioramas and taking some pictures to share with the Joe community. They were a huge part of my childhood and now are a large part of my adulthood. There are so many that I didn’t write about but I have to cut it off somewhere RIGHT? Well I’m not sure I can narrow it down to one so I’ll leave it at that and maybe you can narrow it down for me, so who is your favorite Joe? Maybe I can talk a little more about some more favorites. Low-Light, Scrap Iron, Spirit, Zarana, Space Shot (doesn’t he look a little like Saddam Hussein), Major Bludd, Life Line, Falcon, Techno Viper (Don’t they look a little like Cylons), Pythona, Law, Tunnel Rat, Destro, Jabba oh wait that’s Star Wars but I still want to talk about him, there are so many ETC and so on and so forth. 

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