THE POP EXPOSE ‘Who’s Still Dancing’ by Mitchell Smith!

The first few days of the big dance have been wild. In an extension of last weeks story, ‘Should the field be Extended?’, it is apparent that 
it should be. Especially after a couple 13 seeds beat 4 seeds and the unthinkable, the number 1 seed, not only lost to the 16 seed, but got manhandled. Nevertheless the amount of talent that the US is churning out is amazing. 

With all the upsets it also seems that individual talent doesn’t mean a lot these days, if you don’t show up to play. Now we know there are great athletes across the board, and every team has a shot. Well if your a Cinderella person, this seems to be the year for you. I can’t wait to see what these teams will showcase the rest of the way. I think it is great for these schools and great for players who maybe missed out on a full ride to a big University. Here they are making a name for their respected school. Let’s keep dancing. Are you enjoying all of the upsets in this year’s NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament? Let us know your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

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