THE POP EXPOSE – Will 6″ G.I.Joe Eventually lead us back to 3-3/4″ figures?

Story By Mitchell Smith

Will the 6 inch G.I. Joe leads us back to 3-3/4 inch figures?

The news is out that G.I. Joe will be booting up a 6 inch figure line. To some this seems like a ridiculous venture, some feel like these would be awesome, and some feel they do not want a 6 inch line but might buy them when they see how awesome they look. I think the bulk of the G.I. Joe collector world wants 3-3/4 inch style Joe’s. There are a number of Joes that were not given a modern updated figure. I would have loved seeing some modern figures like Space Shot, Gears, Effects to name a few and what about the lovable aliens Predacon, Lobotomaxx, and Carcass.

I would love to see modern figures of Street Fighters, and I have always thought the Sigma Six figures would look great in a 3-3/4 inch style figure. There are a number of small vehicles that still could be produced such as the Devil Fish, the Silver Mirage, Manta, and the Falcon & Viper gliders. There are still endless things that can be updated in a modern style figure. This though may or may not come about, but if the 6 inch line is successful, this may replace the 12 inch line. The 12 inch figures of the past several years have become unbelievably cheap with very little points of articulation.

There have always been 3-3/4 inch with some 12 inch sprinkled in, so by the end of the year with the Snake Eyes movie coming there may be a 3-3/4 inch line with some 6 inch sprinkled in. The Star Wars and Marvel 6 inch figures are pretty awesome. The detail and articulation is very nice. Me as a collector I’m excited to see some Joe’s in a 6 inch version. I’m just hoping this will lead to a reasonably priced 3-3/4 inch Joe at retail. It’s hard to commit to a new line of figures but even at $20.00 a pop these are cheaper than the past few years of 3-3/4 inch figures. Hopefully the profits made on the 6 inch line will pave the way for future 3-3/4 inch lines such as a retro straight arm 3-3/4 inch line. I guess this is a ways off but I think the Joe’s will bounce back a rule the retail pegs once again.

Are you satisfied with the news of the upcoming six inch G.I.Joe Figures? Or do you hope they lead to more figures in 3-3/4″ scale? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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3 comments to “THE POP EXPOSE – Will 6″ G.I.Joe Eventually lead us back to 3-3/4″ figures?”
  1. If the 6″ figures are successful, they will lead to…more 6″ figures. Thinking that the success of one product will lead to a different product is how we got into the doldrums of the 2000’s.

    Buy the 6″ figs if you like them. But, if you think buying them will lead to 3 3/4, you’ve got a rude awakening coming.

  2. In a word no, not that excited, only because I have collected 6 inch figures for the last 2 decades but last couple of years I saw how good GI Joe modern action figures are and was hooked on them and that scale again, a few years ago I would of been wild for this news, but big on the 4 inch scale now… something you don’t get with 6/7 inch figures is lots of cool vehicles, that’s why I didn’t bother much with the Star Wars black series line, might get a Snake Eyes 6 inch though and maybe Storm Shadow but that’s about it, not like the hints of gold on some of them Joe figures and lets hope it will bring back interest for the smaller scale GI Joe again and Action Force too, need more of them guys! 😉

  3. No, was a huge 6 inch collector guy, but last few years the smaller 4 inch scale got me hooked after I found out how good the modern Joe are these days!

    Fingers crossed it will spark interest in the regular Joe line again, might buy a Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow but that be about it!

    Never got into the Star Wars black series much, you just don’t get all the cool vehicles like you do with the 4 inch scale.

    Great ideas, bring back some Action Force too! 😉

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