THE POP EXPOSE – ‘Wishful Drinking’ by Carrie Fisher Story by Mitchell Smith!

I recently stumbled upon the Audiobook “Wishful Drinking” written and read by Carrie Fisher. This was a very interesting book. The book talks about Carrie growing up with 2 famous parents. Her mother Debbie Reynolds who was an actress and most famous for her roll in “Singing in the Rain” and her Father Eddie Fisher who was a singer and actor. Eddie was most popular in the 1950s, and was in the headlines when he left Debbie for actress Elizabeth Taylor. The couple were the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston of the times and the news was shocking to the world. Carrie goes into talking about her life growing up in the spotlight and how she didn’t know any other way of life. When asked what it was like growing up with 2 famous parents she replied “it was normal, it was my normal, it was the only life I knew.”

The book goes into her drug addiction and her relationships mainly that of her marriage to Paul Simon. Although their marriage failed she says Paul was her soul mat. She also talks about her roll in Star Wars and how it changed her life. Being famous isn’t all its cracked up to be. Carrie was so recognizable she could not go anywhere without a mob of people saying look its Princess Leia. I thought it was very interesting listening to Carrie tell the story she had written. I really got an understanding of Carries sense of humor and I felt like I was sitting in a room having a conversation with her. Carrie embraced the Princess Leia character and she realized that Carrie and Leia are the same person. Although Carrie had other rolls in Hollywood, she could never shed the image of being Princess Leia. It was a sad day when the news of Fisher came out that she had died at the young age of 60. She still had so much to give and her name will be chiseled into Hollywood never to be forgotten.

She lived a hard life because she was so famous that she really had no freedom. She tried to escape by using drugs and she was very public with her drug use, her mental problems, and her treatments. I think Carrie was one of the first people in Hollywood to come forward and promote that it was ok to have mental problems and drug addictions, She made it normal for people to seek help and accept that mental wellness was as important as physical wellness. I wonder if famous people are enjoying the pandemic we are in. I feel they can put a mask on and go out into public and just be normal. Over all this is a great book, and I’m interested in finding some of her other books to read or listen to Carrie narrate which I think is the best way to read these books. Carrie was a huge influence for so many years and she is one of my all time favorite actresses, not because she was Princess Leia, but because she was Carrie Fisher.

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