THE POP EXPOSE – ‘Would Babe Ruth Make it In Today’s MLB’? Story by Mitchell Smith!

Hello everybody. George Herman Ruth was born February 6, 1895 in Baltimore. He was a bit of a trouble maker in his early days and ended up in St Mary’s Industrial School for boys a reformatory and orphanage. He learned to play baseball there and nobody had any idea what he would do with this. In 1914 he signed with the Baltimore Orioles which was a minor league team. Ruth soon went to the Red Sox where he was a pitcher. He was then traded to the Yankees and played outfielder and became one of the greatest baseball players of all time. He also was the long time point of the Red Sox curse of the Bambino. Babe Ruth became a household name and he went on to one of the greatest careers in history.

This year in baseball the pitchers have been dominating. There already have been 6 no hitters. In a time where players have perfected their swing and most professionals probably were born with a bat in their hand I wondered how Ruth would fair against today’s pitchers. When I think of most recent home run hitters I think it’s been some time where pitchers have feared batters. Pujols and Bonds come to mind but not many have had careers like Ruth. Ruth had such natural talent that I think he would have still been a major threat in today’s world.

Ruth was from a different time. Baseball was the major sport to go watch and today the popularity is still there but not like then. Ruth changed the game and helped the game become what it is today. I would love to go back to his hey day. Some 12 year old kid yelling in the street extra extra read all about it, Ruth hits another homer. Although Ruth’s personal life would have been a mess in any era he would have a hard time keeping his Wild party life off the field under the radar. It’s still amazing how long he played effectively even with the amount of beers and hotdogs he consumed.

There have been many movies and documentaries of Babe Ruth and I think it is very interesting watching old footage of his games. We will never know how Ruth would fair today but it would make an interesting movie to have him competing some 100 years from the great Bambino’s hey days. I think baseball is making a come back but we could use someone like the Babe to bring back the excitement that he once brought to the sport.


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