The POP-EXPOSE: X-Files ‘The Return’ by Will Joines!


So I am sure that most of you have heard the amazing news that the X-Files is returning next year for a 6 part mini-series event. I am beyond ecstatic over this news! The principle actors have returned to their roles, and everyone seems super stoked to be back in the saddle.

Now as a fan, and someone who remembers certain events from the last few seasons of the shows principle run, I have a few topics that I would like to discuss and address:
They have said that the Smoking Man will return. How do they plan to do this? In the finale he took a missile to the face in the Anasazi village. What write out could they possible have for this one without resorting to the classic tropes of clones or doppelgangers?

Next, there is speculation of the Lone Gunmen returning. They died. They were gassed if memory serves. However, in the comics they were revived. Does this mean that the comic spin-offs are going to be taken as canon or will the LG stay dead? To me, as much as I loved their characters, I want them to stay dead. This isn’t Marvel comics.

Finally, what do you think the miniseries will focus on? Let us know after the JUMP!


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