THE POP EXPOSE ‘XBOX One’ by Mitchell Smith!


Welcome all, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. Me being my cheeky behind the times self finally entered the world of Xbox. The first game my son and I checked out is Battlefront II. I still enjoy the pleasures of my Super Nintendo so playing modern games is a whole new world for me. The graphics alone are just mind blowing to me. It’s like playing with real people.

I feel compelled to go buy a 70 inch television and I think it would feel like I was really there. I’m just getting into the game with my son and there is some real cool stuff so far with characters, vehicles, and realistic scenery. The sounds and music are crazy as well. I’m curious to check out some sports games as well.

I grew up playing Madden, MLB, and NBA Jam so I think some sports games are in my future. This will be interesting going forward. Who out there has an Xbox? What are some good games for me and my 14 year old the check out? Sound off below OR share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!


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