THE POP EXPOSE ‘You Will Be The Death Of Me Star Wars’ By Mitchell Smith!

The Star Wars franchise has been packed with Love and Light, death and sorrow, hope and despair, but it has also laid down some of the best and most memorable death scenes in Sci-fi and cinematic history. It didn’t take long for the someone to die in the original Star Wars. Captain Antilles suffered a neck cracking death from the hands of Darth Vader in the opening scene and Greedo soon followed along with Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen, all became fan favorite characters in time, but none at this point were more dramatic than Obi Wan letting down his guard and letting Vader willingly strike him down so he could become more powerful with the force. The Empire Strikes Back arguably the best film of the trilogy and perhaps the franchise had a couple pilots that lost their lives but nothing really dramatic, not like the third installment of the first trilogy, ROTJ. This made up for dramatic death scenes with Jabba being strangled, the Emperor being tossed over the side, Yoda fading into the force and of course the memorable death of Darth Vader where on is deathbed he has his son remove his face mask so he can look upon his son with his own eyes before he passes into the great unknown.

After a decade and a half, the Star Wars franchise returned with the Phantom Menace. The movie brought to light the beginning of a young boy and a young Jedi. In the final battle scene Darth Maul kills Obi Wan’s master after a long hard fought battle. Qui Gon Jinn played a little bit bigger role in the Phantom Menace then Ben Kenobi in the New Hope, but Alec Guinness played the part so well it was sad and shocking to see him die, Qui Gon, little sad but we all new Obi Wan had to become the master at some point. Attack of the Clones, This is probably one of the most forgotten Star Wars movies, but one of the most important deaths takes place when Jango Fett loses his head and Boba catches the whole thing first hand. There wasn’t a lot said about Boba after losing his father, but if they go through with the Boba Fett movie it should shine a lot of light on what he did in between his father’s death and how he became a bounty hunter. Next up Revenge of the Sith. Had some major deaths here from Dooku getting decapitated, Grievous getting ousted by Obi Wan, Padme departing after the birth of Luke and Leia, and the point where Anakin was seduced by the dark side and ceased to be Anakin skywalker and became Darth Vader, which could be one of the most mysterious deaths of the franchise because he didn’t really die but became the evil tyrant of the universe. Fast forward to post Lucas and a new era. The original characters still loved by fans young and old. 

Probably one of the most tragic deaths in the Star Wars franchise and certainly brought many tears and mixed feelings to fans, but it happened, Han Solo was killed by none other than his own son. There was nothing fancy about it, a concerned father hoping his son could change back into the sweet innocent boy he brought up, nevertheless shocking to most and just like that Han was gone forever. In the latest installment to the third trilogy The last Jedi, defiantly had some major death scenes with Paige Tico, Admiral Holdo, and when Luke dups Kylo Ren and pretty much everyone else as he force projects himself to the planet Crait. He gives hope to the few remaining resistant heroes including his sister and in the end uses so much force power he watches the sun set as he drifts off to become a stronger part of the force. This is one of my favorite death scenes and although I will miss Luke and he hopefully will return as a force figure much like Ben to guide Rey into becoming a powerful Jedi, this was one of the best ways to lay rest to one of the greatest characters ever created and one of my favorite actors(loved him in the Big Red One), and one of the biggest staple characters to the franchise. Next up episode 9. This may be a heart touching and memorable death as we already anticipate Princess Leia going out with a bang, but it will be a real tear jerker for fans and especially for those who have worked side by side throughout this franchise with Fisher.

The real Leia is gone but she, as will every other character living or dead in the Star Wars franchise will be imbedded in our culture. Yes some more then others but Star Wars has been a staple franchise for more then 40 years now, and all the great characters who have come and gone will live on for years, decades, centuries, ect….to come.

What are your feelings about the Star Wars Franchise? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP!

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