THE POPE EXPOSE – Is AI taking over the world?

Story By Mitchell Smith

Hello everybody. Today I take a look at AI. Is it our future. Many have been predicting machines for years who can think and interact with humans. George Lucas made up R2D2 and C-3PO, 2 robots who were more human than robot, but Lucas popularized the idea of robots living among humans, but he did not invent the wheel. Roy Thomas created an unknown character in 1968, later he would be known as Ultron. A modern character popularized by the Marvel Avengers movies. It does pose the question however will AI become smarter than the human brain? People have been working and perfecting AI forever. The human has always tried to work smarter not harder. The simple invention of the wheel improved the way we move something from point A to point B.

AI basically is moving info from point A to point B. The world has been taken over by electronics with vast knowledge at our finger tips. Vehicles driving themselves such as cars, tractor trailers, and lift trucks is all a bit too scary. As we all know vehicles break down and sometimes you have to turn your IPhone off and back on to reset it because it’s not working properly. Now a self driving vehicle would probably detect any malfunctions before a human who would wait for the clunking to start before getting it checked out, but the malfunctioning computer system is what worries me, are we going to get a live version of Stephen King’s 1986 “Maximum Overdrive”? This year ChatGPT became a big thing. I’ll be honest I used it for one of my Pop Expose articles earlier in the year. Sure it spits out facts and does a perfect write up but there is no heart or soul to it.

I never claimed to be some great writer, I do it for my own pleasure as much as anyone else’s. I try to write well enough so you can understand my feeble thoughts, but poor enough that you realize there is just a simple person out here writing down his thoughts and personal experiences on any given Sunday. The AI wasn’t able to put that personal touch into the write up, so I reworked it and just write from scratch now. I love Siri and Alexa, they are great tools, “Siri give me directions to Times Square, bang got them at my finger tips. Alexa turn on kitchen light bang I can see now, but do we want to eliminate human touch all together and become like the movie Wall-E. I think about it in sports. Especially the discussion of balls and strikes. We have the technology to put a scanner behind home plate. We could even put a robot back there that looks like a human. There is no questionable calls now. Nobody getting hot and arguing with the ump. No getting fired up and getting your team fired up for a late inning rally, nope just take your 3rd strike and go sit down and quietly hang your head. Even as simple as email taking over for the phone. I have been at my day job for 24 years now.

The phone would ring off the hook back in the day, but you also developed relationships with people and sometimes if you needed a favor bang you got it. Now it’s all down to business. Email has no emotion or interaction, just trying to decipher if that was the correct emoji they wanted to leave so you can react to their text correctly. I think if we loose the human touch in everything then even if the AI doesn’t become so advanced they try to kill off the human species, it already is killing the human touch. I’m not sure how far technology will take us, but I guess myself I’m still a simple person who enjoys simple things. AI does make it simple at times, but there are times when it’s nice to toss the phone on the table and just go in the back yard lay on the ground and watch the stars. Have a great week everybody.


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