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The Toxic Avenger Reboot Red-Band Trailer Drops!

A tantalizing glimpse into the much-anticipated reboot of the cult classic, The Toxic Avenger is here. Following its premiere at Fantastic Fest last month, fans have been treated to a brief teaser trailer that showcases the sheer absurdity and gnarliness of this new cinematic venture.

This revamped Toxic Avenger, brought to life by writer and director Macon Blair, the creative force behind “I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore,” pays homage to the original franchise conceived by Lloyd Kaufman, who also takes on the role of producer alongside Troma co-founder Michael Herz.

The story unfolds in a fantastical realm, introducing us to Winston, the archetypal underdog, toiling as a janitor at the Garb-X health club. When Winston is diagnosed with a fatal illness, his avaricious and power-hungry employer refuses to foot the bill for the pricey cure. Frustrated and determined to take matters into his own hands, Winston embarks on a mission to rob his employer. However, his fate takes a bizarre turn when he tumbles into a pit of toxic waste, transforming him into a grotesque monster with a newfound desire to right wrongs.

Blair shared his journey of pitching his unique take on the character and world to Legendary, describing the process as initially daunting but ultimately exhilarating. The goal was to create a story that stands on its own while remaining faithful to the original’s spirit.

Blair reminisced about his own childhood encounter with Toxie and how its absurdity and audacious bad taste left an indelible mark on him. His vision for the reboot embraces the essence of Troma’s unique brand of filmmaking, striking a balance between appealing to die-hard Troma fans and engaging contemporary audiences uninitiated in Toxie’s chaotic world.

The star-studded cast includes Peter Dinklage as Winston Gooze/The Toxic Avenger, Jacob Tremblay as Wade, Taylour Paige as J.J. Doherty, Kevin Bacon as Bob Garbinger, Sarah Niles as Mayor Togar, Julia Davis as Kissy Sturnevan, Julian Kostov as Budd Berserk, Elijah Wood as Fritz Garbinger, David Yow as Guthrie Stockins, and Macon Blair as Dennis.

As we eagerly await the wide release date, this teaser offers a tantalizing glimpse into a reboot that promises to pay homage to its roots while delivering a fresh and thrilling take on the iconic character. Share your thoughts on the first teaser for The Toxic Avenger reboot in the comments below!

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