‘The Wolverine’ Will Be A Standalone Film


Like the side of the Marvel Universe that Disney owns many X-Men fans wish that the continuity would all line up for Fox’s side of the Marvel Universe. But it looks as though the Wolverine movies will be stand alone. Check out the details below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

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by Brett White

With every movie studio seemingly hoping to copy the success Marvel Studios has had by tying all of their films into one giant narrative, fans probably assumed that Fox would try to pull the same stunt with their two upcoming X-Men films. It didn’t seem far-fetched to assume that “The Wolverine,” which opens on July 26th, would most likely have some sort of tease for next summer’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” now opening on May 23rd, 2014.

But not so fast, mutant lovers! According to a new interview with “Wolverine” director James Mangold in SFX, Logan’s next standalone film will actually stand alone.

“[‘X-Men’ director] Bryan [Singer] and I have talked and he’s seen what we’ve done,” says Mangold. “Clearly the reality is that we are all trying to work together and make things groove together. But the trick is we were making our movie before Bryan came on and before I knew what they were up to in that film. Our agenda was always our agenda and our movie stands alone, so the journey we take Logan on in ‘The Wolverine,’ we bring to a close.”

So while that may mean that Wolverine’s character arc will not continue through both movies, it doesn’t exactly mean that the two won’t be tied together, at least in some way. It’s possible that “The Wolverine” will have a post-credits scene that looks ahead to the next X-Men film. That would make sense, since post-credits scenes are often shot well after a film’s principle photography has wrapped – or in the case of “Avengers,” after the film has premiered.

SFX’s site promises an even more in-depth interview with Mangold and the rest of the cast when the magazine hits stands this Wednesday. Keep an eye out for it.


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