Thundercats Ultimates from Super7 Reveal and Pre-Orders!

Ever wanted to own fully articulated, high quality versions of the classic Thundercats characters? Well now you can, as Super 7 has revealed their new lineup of Thundercats Ultimates! The first wave of figures includes Lion-O, Panthro, Jackalman and Mumm-Ra. Each one is listed at $45 USD, and are due to ship in Spring 2020. If you want to pre-order yours now you can follow the link below to Serpentorslair Sponsor Entertainment Earth and get your orders in!

To Pre-order Lion-O CLICK HERE

To Pre-order Panthro CLICK HERE

To Pre-order Mumm-Ra CLICK HERE

To Pre-order Jackalman CLICK HERE

Lion-O, heroic leader of the Thundercats, will come packaged with:

Sword Of Omens
Claw Shield
Claw Shield with Sword of Omens
Alternate Claw Shield
Alternate Claw Shield with Sword of Omens
Interchangeable Hands
Interchangeable Head
Book of Omens
Mummy Mumm-Ra, the true form of the evil Mumm-Ra the Everliving, will be packed with:

Poseable Fabric Cape with wire insert
Plastic Cape
Sword of Plun-Darr
Book of Omens Repaint
Thundranium Urn
Rosenkrantz Medallion
Interchangable Head
Panthro, the Thunderian chief mechanic, will be ready for anything with a host of tools and weapons:

Nunchucks with real chain
Spinning Nunchucks
Key of Thunera
Welding Gun
Interchangeable Hands
Interchangeable Head
Jackalman, the evil Mutant warrior from the planet Plun-Darr, will come equipped with:

Mutant Net Gun
Mutant Guns
Interchangeable Hands
Interchangeable Head

Thundercats Ultimates from Super7 Reveal!


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