Tokyo Toy Show Transformers Masterpiece ‘Ironhide’ Reveal!


Courtesy of the Tokyo Toy Show via the Takara panel, we have the first revealing images of the upcoming Masterpiece scale, ‘Ironhide‘ figure. Check out the image and details on this below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: TFormers2005)

The Tokyo Toy Show is still in full swing, and there is a Takara Transformers panel currently in progress. Watch this space, as we’ll be updating with announcements, info and images as it all rolls in from various sources across the web:

• Unite Warriors Devastator – Will have a head that can switch between visor face and non-visor face (think of it as both the standard Hasbro release and the SDCC release heads rolled into one)

• Takara Scrapper AND Long Haul will have elbows! – Arms have been modified to allow for elbow articulation

• MASTERPIECE IRONHIDE – Comes with TONS of accessories and extras

• MASTERPIECE GORILLA CONVOY/OPTIMUS PRIMAL – Next year celebrates the 20 years of Beast Wars, and is the “year of Masterpiece Beast Wars”

And more! Check out all the pics we could find after the break, and let us know your thoughts on the multiple bombshells that Takara has just dropped!

Update: TFW2005 boards member, Monari, attended Tokyo Toy Show and was gracious enough to provide us with more images, details and thoughts on Takara’s Devastator:

“So just to recap, Takara has remolded new parts on all of the figures except Bonecrusher and Scavenger:

Scrapper, Long Haul, Hook and Mixmaster all have remolded elbows and arms. Devastator’s head has a flip down visor, and he has purple hands.

The deco is non-metallic purple, and the same green as the Hasbro retail release, but with a lot more paint apps. It looks incredible in person.”

Update #2: A video has been uploaded to YouTube of Takara’s presentation – one which even shows how Devastator’s flip-down visor works (4:31). You can check it out after the jump!

Update #3: Thanks to Daim Choc on Facebook, we also have some more info regarding MP Ironhide:

“Takara MP-27 Iron’s side hip panels are on a hinge and can be rotated to the back. Just that it won’t rest flat on his butt.

EDIT: The Sled is not part of the transformation. It’s an extra piece to store weapons.”

Update #4: Shoutout to 2005 boards member LoC Soundwave for noticing this next one – it appears that Bonecrusher’s (and possibly Scavenger’s) knees may have been modified as well! Looking closely, you can see what appears to be a hinge/swivel joint instead of Hasbro’s balljoint, even seeming to share the painted resin look the other new parts have. Take this one as more of a rumor for now until we get some better looks, but it’s still interesting to consider.



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