Tom Holland Says Spider-Man: Homecoming First in a Trilogy!

It looks like, for fans of Spider-Man, you had better hope you like Tom Holland’s representation of the character. According to him, the planned story arc for his take on the famed wall crawler is slated to last three movies. Check out what he had to say on the subject below, and let us know where you stand on the possibility of a Tom Holland Spider-Man Trilogy AFTER THE JUMP!
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“Yes, there is what we call the arc of the character,” Holland tells AlloCiné regarding the full scope of Spider-Man’s story moving forward. “There is still a lot of room for Peter Parker and Spider-Man, especially, to grow in the next two movies. He’s definitely not the finished article by the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming and I really look forward to exploring the different ways he can grow up and… go through puberty I guess. It’s going to be an exciting couple of movies.”

When asked to clarify that he meant just solo Spider-Man movies, he replied: “There will be a Spider-Man 2 and 3… Yeah, well now you know, sorry Marvel. Whoops!”

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