Transformers Collectors Club Figure Subscription Service 2.0 Fissitron Images, Roadbuster Repaint?

TPSS 2.0 Fissitron Images Show Remake of Generations Roadbuster (1)__scaled_600

Today we have images of the next figure reveal from the Transformers Collectors Club Figure Subscription Service 2.0. It is Fissitron! Check out the image and details below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!



The Transformers Collector’s Club has revealed on their website the next figure from the second Figure Subscription Service lineup to be Fisitron. Recolored from Generations Roadbuster figure with the G1 colors theme. Fisitron joins the known characters Barricade, Chromedome, Ironfist, and Treadshot in making up the assortment. See the robot and alternate mode images for more details.
TFSS 2.0 Fisitron!Recently Hasbro released there five Wreckers at retail and for many fans, if there could have been a sixth character, the fan boy robot himself FISITRON would have been at the top of that list! Well, wish no longer! The TFSS 2.0 will in fact feature the 6th Wrecker FISITRON aka Ironfist! The perfect compliment to the retail releases who can also be used to create a NEW Ruination combiner mode.


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