Transformers “Earthrise” Figures Unveiled!

Just ahead of NYCC, Hasbro has unveiled part of the follow up line to Transformers Siege which is going to be called Transformers, ‘Earthrise’! Check out what we know so far about the next Transformers line that is sure to empty our wallets, and let us know if you will be picking them up AFTER THE JUMP!

With War for Cybertron: Siege winding down, Hasbro has teamed up with IGN to reveal the follow up series to Siege in the War for Cybertron series: Earthrise! The name (and vehicle modes) revealed suggest that Earthrise will be set on Earth following the crash of the Ark (assuming G1 story elements still apply). IGN’s reveals show off an Optimus Prime in his classic G1 appearance complete with trailer! Also for fans into Micromasters, Big Daddy is joining the fray! In a very interesting change up, the “Weaponizer” style of Deluxe Class figures will now include Micromaster bases! Ironworks is able to break apart into pieces of armor or weaponry and form a Micromaster base and robot with ramps to connect to other figures such as Fortress Maximus!

Transformers ‘Earthrise’ Figures by Hasbro!

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