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 Transformers EarthSpark First Official Trailer!

We have exciting news to report today from SDCC as Paramount has released the first teaser trailer for the next new Transformers Animated series titled, ‘EarthSpark‘. Check out the details and the clip below and let us know if you plan on watching!

Alan Tudyk as the new voice of Optimus Prime.
Cissy Jones is Elita-1. Rory McCann, the Hound of Game of Thrones, is Megatron, and Diedrich Bader is the voice of the evil scientist Mandroid.
Optimus wants Bumblebee to train the new bots and family recruits.
Bumblebee is the mentor to the new Earthborn Terrans. Danny Pudi wants to be the cool babysitter. Twitch is described as a straight A student.
Optimus alt-mode looks more like his Prime truck design. Twitch is a drone. Dr. Mandroid is part man part droid. He has a cybernetic claw-like arm. Thrash is a cafe racer.
At the start of the show, the family moves from Philadelphia to the small town of “Witwicky.”
Malto Family are the human friends of the Earthborn Terrans. Set in a world where the Great Autobot and Decepticon War has already happened. Optimus Prime is almost like a celebrity.


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