Transformers FSS 3 Carzap and Krok Images!


Today, thanks to FunPub we have a look at 2 of the figures that in the upcoming Transformers Figure Subscription Service 3! Check out Carzap and Krok below andlet us know what you think of these 2 new figures after the JUMP!


FunPub has sent out a small holiday greeting today in the form of our first looks at production sample pieces of two figures from the third Transformers Figure Subscription Service. Absurdly obscure character Carzap from the IDW Bumblebee mold, Krok from stealth bomber Megatron, and Krok’s pet Gatoraider from one of the many Arms Micron molds. Krok and Carzap both feature new heads which we’re also getting our first real look at. Click through and check out the whole set of images!


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