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TRANSFORMERS G2 Legacy Evolution “Jazz” Quick Review!

Story by Mitchell Smith

Hello everyone. Today I am taking a look at the newly released Transformers G2 Legacy Evolution Jazz from Hasbro. The original Jazz is awesome, and I thought this orange, red, and yellow version really popped. The colors seemed fitting for Jazz.

I’ve seen a couple others with some bright colors repainted and it was like what was Hasbro thinking, but this one was pretty cool. I like it better in robot mode as opposed to the car mode, but either way this is a cool looking version of Jazz. It definitely has that 1990’s vibe that is reminiscent of the original Transformers G2 line. Who likes the repainted Transformers, and how many of you grew up collecting the original Transformers G2 lineup and are really excited to grab the new versions? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and make sure to check back for more stories and reviews!

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