Transformers Generations Thundercracker Image Gallery!


One of the most anticipated figures of this years Transformers Generations line is the new Thundercracker! Today we have an entire gallery of detailed images of the figure. Check them out below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

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The second new release in the most recent assortment of IDW Deluxe Class Transformers is a Fall of Cybertron version of Thundercracker. Depicting the Decepticon in his Cybertronian form, this is a nice and vibrant recolor of the earlier Fall of Cybertron Starscream toy, and with a Skywarp on the horizon (or already out if you picked up the Takara-Tomy release) he builds up the Seeker squadron as seen in Transformers War for Cybertron.

Thundercracker is the fourth new deco on this mold, and it once again brings out the best of the toy. The blue is a particularly nice shade which is roughly the same tint as the original Thundercracker toy from the 1980s and the 2007 Botcon exclusive, so he looks particularly cool stood with either of those. The mold itself is as always excellent with a good amount of poseability, and it does not seem to be showing any wear for being the fourth outing of the mold. The two criticisms that might be levelled at the toy is that the chaingun barrels are entirely unpainted blue plastic – on balance, probably a tradeoff for all the paint on the robot. The other point of criticism is that the silver paint on the back of the jet / robot’s backpack seems to chip very easily. These do not detract though from a sharp-looking, good and fun toy.


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