Transformers Generations Voyager ‘Megatron’ Asia Exclusive!

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This new offering of a Transformers Generations Voyager Megatron figure is very interesting. This figure is going to be an Asia exclusive, but, if you are a fan of the modern era Bludgeon figure, you wont want to miss out on this Megatron as they share the same mold. Get the details below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


BBTS have just posted a new order page with the news and images of the Transformers Generations Voyager Megatron Asia Exclusive figure. Many of you will recognize the figure mold from the Revenge of the Fallen Bludgeon figure. The mold returns in BRIGHT green and purple with new a Megetron head that is being referred to as the “smiling head,” complete with weapons and more. Read on to see the images and more details. Pre-order now at BBTS. Read on for images and more info.
Generations Megatron is an Asian market exclusive redeco of Revenge of the Fallen: N.E.S.T. Global Alliance Voyager Class Bludgeon with a new purple/green/black/silver color scheme. This Voyager Class Megatron has a new smiling head and transforms from a Japanese Type 90 tank into a samurai style robot. He comes with a flexible plastic sword and dagger that can be stored in the robot’s left hip guard. The dagger can also be stored in a hidden sheath inside the tank turret. You can also connect the handles of the sword and dagger to make a unique double-bladed weapon.

In vehicle mode, the tank has some rubber components in the treads but the treads do not function. Small plastic wheels under the treads provide the rolling action when in tank mode.

Material: Plastic
Size: approximately 7 inches tall in robot mode
Estimated to Arrive: April 2015
Our Price: $56.99


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