Transformers Kre-O Japan G1 Figures Sets!

Transformers Kre-O Japan Pre-Release Images of G1 Figures Sets (1)__scaled_600

This is the perfect melding of G1 Transformers designs with the epic phenomenon that is Kre-O. Check out all the info and pictorials on these sets from Kre-O Japan after the JUMP!


Toy R Us Japan have listed a number of Transformers Kre-O Pre-Release products with images of G1 inspired action figures sets that will be coming to Japan soon. Check out the images for Transformers Battle for Energon, Transformers Street Showdown, Transformers Stealth Bumblebee, Transformers Rage, Transformers Optimus Prime, and Transformers Bumblebee that will be released in Japan on March 30, 2013 now.


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