Transformers Prime Beast Hunters to Be Cancelled and Replaced in 2014!




In the latest breaking news we have just learned that Transformers Prime will indeed be cancelled following this season, and will be replaced by an all new series in 2014. Check out the latest on this below, then make the JUMP to the Serpentorslair Forum’s and Join in the Discussion!

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The writing has been on the wall for a long time. First the show was moved to the notorious Friday Night death-nell spot for shows about to die. Then Jeffrey Combs, the voice of Transformers Prime’s Ratchet, let it slip that Season 3 has cut short to wrap things up. Finally, the official word comes down from Kidscreen magazine that Season 3 Beast Hunters will end this year after just 13 episodes ending Transformers Prime when it finishes this spring to be replaced by a new Animated series in 2014. Read the Kidscreen magazine news below:
As for Hasbro’s established stable of series, which drive the programming on its US joint venture network The Hub, the 13 episodes of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters due to launch this year represent the final chapter of the Transformers Prime story. It has grown to encompass 65 half-hour episodes that continue to roll out around the world. Look for a 75-minute Transformers Prime Beast Hunters movie to hit DVD shelves in Q4.

But that’s not the end for Transformers. Arnesen says a “new iteration of the animated TV series” is slated for delivery in late 2014, which looks like it might be shaping up to be the year of the Autobots, given that audiences are already expecting the fourth live-action blockbuster in July.

I have a feeling this is actually good news for a lot of Transformers fans. The Prime series has been a real trial to keep people young and old engaged. It may very well be they did too much to please everyone and ultimately connected with on one.

A big let down was long time fans got the CGI cartoon they always wanted, but the characters cloned from the Bay-verse were boring, unattractive and didn’t appeal to the movie followers either. Oh, and not to forget the kids were never more annoying and distracting in a TF cartoon.

Other mistakes came from trying to mix everything from the Transformers Universe into one show. When the show did tap into something fans would love, like Unicron. They didn’t give us enough or it was mutated and presented in hurry with no follow up afterwards.

More over, the writers were simply too patronizing to the fans. Throwing around misleading story queues that got people excited about something juicy only to find it was a half baked idea such as the faux Nemesis Prime flop leading-up to Season 2. Something tells me they know they fucked up. Bringing in Smokescreen to dominate the 2nd half of Season 2 was a nice fix. Unfortunately, it was too little too late as I and many others didn’t even bother to watch the Season 2 finale.

How do you feel about about the Transformers Prime series overall and what are you looking forwards to in the Beast Hunters? Vote in our poll and or share your comments below for others to see.



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