Transformers R.E.D. ‘Soundwave’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Hello everyone. I’m Train, and today I’m going off the rails with the new 2021 Transformers R.E.D. non converting Soundwave action figure. I’m not a big Transformer guy but I loved the cartoon growing up and I watched 1 of the movies and well I’m not a nut about it but I do think they a really cool. It probably has something to do with I never had any Transformers growing up so I don’t have a strong nostalgia connection there.

However this figure really reached out and grabbed me maybe because of the strong connection with the cassette tape which was a huge part of my childhood. I still have a bunch of mixed tapes I’m not sure why. Never the less this is a really cool figure and even though it does not transform I love the look of him. This was in a lineup of some other really cool looking figures but I really couldn’t splurge on them all. Maybe tomorrow if they are still there LOL. Who loves Transformers? What do you think of these non transforming Transformers? Sound off below and share your thoughts on the new ‘non transforming ‘Transformers ‘R.E.D.‘ series. Make sure to check back on my reviews and stories and stay on the rails right here with the crazy Train.

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