Transformers Titans Return ‘Nautica’ Featured On Hasbro Pulse!

Today we have a look at the new Transformers Titans Return figure, ‘Nautica‘. The figure was recently featured on ‘Hasbro Pulse‘, where they not only give us a look at the action figure but the character behind the figure. Check out the figure and bio below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!
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Nautica Bio:

Brilliant, well-read, and just as handy with a blaster as a set of tools, Nautica may not have the social skills some of the other Autobots have, but that doesn’t curb her sparkle.

Originally from the colony Caminus, Nautica—along with her pals Chromia and Windblade—found herself dreaming bigger than her home could contain. She ended up on the Lost Light, a vessel that acts as a refuge for dreamers, misfits, and Transformers wanderers.

A gifted student in virtually all subjects, Nautica possesses a wealth of information. Besides cartography, moral philosophy, and quantum mechanics, Nautica is becoming extremely well versed on the history of Cybertron. Always an optimistic dreamer, Nautica is a staple on the Lost Light, and teaches as much as she learns.


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