Transformers ‘Year of The Goat’ Soundwave and Laser Optimus Prime!


Get ready to have your mind blown as you check out the new Transformers ‘Year of The Goat’ Soundwave and Laser Optimus Prime figures. Even better news is that the Masterpiece style Soundwave comes with matching cassettes. Check out the info on these below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


The Year of the Goat is nearly here, and courtesy of Robotkingdom we know that Hasbro as always is readying a pair of commemorative Platinum Edition figures for Asian markets and US ToysRus stores. This year it’s Masterpiece Soundwave and the Laser Optimus Prime mold from late G2. Huh? Both figures are rendered in what appears to be the official YotG color scheme, which is clear plastic and copper. …Huh. But MP Soundwave even comes with a similarly-decoed set of cassettes! Keep reading to see the photos.


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