Unique Toys UT-W02 War Rhino New Images!




Unique Toys has brought us some great pre-production images of their upcoming UT-WO2 War Rhino Figure. After looking at all of the detailed aspects of this one, you won’t want to miss out on it. Check out the Gallery Below, then make the JUMP to the Serpentorslair Forum’s and Join in the Discussion!

(Source: TFormers.com)

Thanks to Unique Toys who have released new images of the UT-W02 War Rhino from the Beasticons War Lord action figure line. This is the the figure that pays homage to the Generation 1 Tantrum character in a whole new way. See the images of the prototype War Rhino (Tantrum) from their upcoming Beasticon set that will be a combiner team that is an ultimate remake of the Predakind combiner. Check out the images below for the full details.


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