Wait… so HE could be our new JOKER?

There aren’t many more iconic figures in comic-dom than The Joker – especially when it comes to screen adaptations. Whether played by Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger, or voiced by Mark Hamill, the Clown Prince of Crime has stolen a place in our hearts – and nightmares:


Which is why, when a new set of screencaps from the upcomingGotham pilot were releasedby Bleeding Cool, we were inevitably on the lookout for the biggest bad not yet announced to be appearing in the show…The Joker himself.

And whaddaya know – he might just be hiding in there after all…

Most of the images released show us different angles of the characters we’ve already had revealed by the impressively geek-baity trailer (which, if you haven’t watched in a while, you can check out below) – but there are two that’ll be of pretty massive interest to fans. We’ll take a look at them just below, after a few of those alternative looks:







Harvey Bullock steps up to Jim Gordon


So, they’re great and all – but they’re not telling us anything all that new. What’s a whole lot cooler, though, is this:



Yup, that’s the show’s precinct, in all its gothic, 1980′s Tim BurtonBatman movie-esque glory. Anyone worried that the show would be a sort of CSI-in-tights can probably relax a little.

The bigger sea-creature to fry, though, comes in the form of a stand up comedian working for crime-boss Fish Mooney:




Played by Jon Beavers, the comedian apparently struggles through a nervous set. Which in itself means…nothing much at all.

For everyone who’s read Alan Moore’s classic Bat-story The Killing Joke, though, this seemingly incidental scene could mean a whole lot more.

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