Warner Bros. Unveils Synopsis and Logo for ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’!


Fans have been clamoring for DC Comics to put the ‘Justice League‘ on the big screen for many years. Now it is coming and today Warner Brothers has released the official synopsis as well as the logo for the film Check out all the details below, and let us know how excited you are for Justice League to hit the big screen AFTER THE JUMP!

– It is no longer referred to as a two part film. Zack Snyder’s Justice League is simply that: Justice League, a complete, standalone film.

– Expect a lighter tone than BVS, which was focused on being more akin to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, a much darker tale to begin with. Justice League is expected to be more of a fun, ensemble superhero piece that focuses on the building of the team and uniting to fight a common threat.

– Justice League will have a heavy Jack Kirby influence, with the story revolving around the puruit of the three motherboxes, one from Earth, one from Atlantis, and one from The Amazonians.

– The film takes places months after BVS, with Bruce heavily affected by Superman’s death and seeking to honor his sacrifice in building the Justice League. Rather than being a Batman on the edge, he is now a Batman full of hope, hinged entirely on created a team that can unite and fight common threats, while redeeming mankind, having learned his lessons in BVS.

– A large part of the film focuses on Bruce assembling the team, with Superman’s return reserved for later in the film. About his comeback, Snyder was mum, although when I asked how his hair would be, Snyder joking said it might be “a little longer” which is significant if you remember the “Death of Superman” comics.


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