Weird Al performs at the Emmy’s!


Weird Al riffs on the TV theme songs of the Emmys including Madmen and a great take on the Game of Thrones Theme! Check out the video below, then make the JUMP and let us know what you think!

(Source: cinemablend)

Starting with Mad Men’s “A Beautiful Mine,” Weird Al pokes fun at a cast that stays drunk and Jon Hammish. (Because who doesn’t want to be John Hamm on the daily?) He then moves on to Scandal, in which he amusingly reminds people that President Tony Goldwyn was in Ghost. The singer then gets a little weird for the Homeland theme before breaking it all down for Modern Family, during which he confirms the show’s title is basically only in reference to the gay dudes in it.


But forget all that other noise. This performance could have easily been limited to the Game of Thrones spoof and it would have been just as good. Accompanied by Andy Samberg donning a blonde wig and a crown, Weird Al hits upon all of the stereotypical jokes that one can make about this dense, boob-filled series, pointing out that you can pause your TV to memorize the map, as well as advising viewers to have a back-up favorite character, since people don’t last that long on there. (Something host Seth Meyers also referenced in a solid monologue joke.)

Weird Al then calls out George R.R. Martin, telling him to type as fast as he can, as this series can feasibly only last as long as his novel series, which isn’t being pumped out as fast as HBO’s episodes. And then, lo and behold, someone actually goes out into the crowd and brings Martin an old-fashioned typewriter. Holy Valor Morghulis, was that a good time.

Weird Al is currently basking in the success of Mandatory Fun, the first #1 album of his career, and it looks like he’s perfectly happy riding that wave in any way possible. Maybe we can finally get a UHF series now. Or at the very least, maybe someone can confirm that it wasn’t a Weird Al spoof of the Breaking Bad theme every time that pixie stardust shit started playing.


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