Why the TV Series “Supernatural” Should Have Run for 20 Seasons!


For fifteen years, “Supernatural” captured the hearts and minds of viewers around the world, taking them on an epic journey filled with monsters, angels, demons, and a whole lot of family drama. Starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as the demon-hunting Winchester brothers, Dean and Sam, the show became a cult classic and a cornerstone of modern television. However, despite its impressive 15-season run, many fans, myself included, can’t help but wonder: Why didn’t “Supernatural” run for 20 seasons?

The show’s rich mythology, dynamic characters, and dedicated fanbase provide compelling reasons for why “Supernatural” deserved a longer run. Here’s why:

Endless Mythology: “Supernatural” built a vast and intricate mythology over its 15 seasons, drawing from various cultures, religions, and folklore. With such a deep well of material to draw from, the show had the potential to continue exploring new supernatural creatures, story arcs, and mysteries for many more seasons. There’s always another monster to hunt, another dimension to explore, or another ancient being to confront.

Character Growth: The Winchester brothers, Dean and Sam, evolved significantly over the course of the series. Their character development was one of the show’s strongest aspects, and fans grew attached to them as they faced countless challenges and tragedies. Extending the series to 20 seasons would have allowed for even more nuanced character arcs and exploration of their complex relationships.

Diverse Storytelling: “Supernatural” was known for its ability to switch between various storytelling styles, from horror and comedy to drama and even metafiction. This versatility allowed the show to stay fresh and engaging throughout its run. More seasons would have provided the opportunity to continue experimenting with different genres and narrative techniques.

Spin-off Potential: The “Supernatural” universe was rich enough to support spin-off series, and several attempts were made. While some didn’t succeed, a longer run could have allowed for the development of spin-offs that could further expand the franchise and satisfy fans hungry for more supernatural content.

Loyal Fanbase: The “Supernatural” fanbase, affectionately known as the “SPNFamily,” is one of the most passionate and dedicated in television history. With such a devoted following, the show had a built-in audience that would have likely followed it for many more seasons.

Unfinished Storylines: The final season of “Supernatural” wrapped up many storylines, but it left room for new ones to emerge. Characters like Castiel and Jack had unresolved arcs, and there were lingering questions about the fate of various supernatural entities. Extending the series would have provided closure to these narratives and satisfied fans’ curiosity.

Impact on Representation: “Supernatural” made strides in representation, particularly in terms of LGBTQ+ characters. The relationship between Dean and Castiel, often referred to as “Destiel,” became a significant part of the show’s narrative and resonated with many viewers. Continuing the series would have allowed for further exploration of LGBTQ+ representation and diverse storytelling.

In conclusion, “Supernatural” was more than just a television show; it was a cultural phenomenon that left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. With its endless potential for storytelling, complex characters, and dedicated fanbase, “Supernatural” deserved a longer run, perhaps even reaching the milestone of 20 seasons. While the series did eventually come to an end, it will forever remain a beloved classic in the hearts of fans who continue to celebrate the Winchester brothers’ supernatural adventures. In the world of television, where shows come and go, “Supernatural” will always be remembered as a timeless and iconic series that left us wanting more.

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